How to Submit IGNOU Assignment 2022 -2023 ?

Here are the steps you can take to turn in your IGNOU (Indira Gandhi National Open University) assignment:

  1. Visit the IGNOU website and log in to your student account using your enrollment number and password.
  2. You will see a list of all the courses for which you have to submit assignments. Select the course for which you want to submit the assignment.
  3. Read the instructions for the assignment carefully and make sure you understand the format and guidelines.
  4. Prepare your assignment according to the given guidelines and save it.
  5. Click on the “Submit Assignment” button and upload your assignment. Make sure you have the correct file selected before uploading.

Note: Some IGNOU programs may have different procedures for submitting assignments. You can ask your program coordinator or the IGNOU Student Support Services for help if you can’t find the instructions or aren’t sure how to submit your work.

Dowload :IGNOU Assignment Front Page 

Offline mode to Submit IGNOU Assignment

There are Two Mode to Submit IGNOU Assignment Online & Offline

It is the usual method through which the students submit their assignments. When preparing assignments, you should ensure that the very first page contains all the necessary information.

  • Student’s name
  • Number of enrolment
  • Codes for programs and codes
  • Your study center’s name, code, and address
  • Student’s mobile number and email address

Submit IGNOU Assignment Online Mode

There are Two Mode of Submit IGNOU Assignment First is Google Form & Second is Through E-mail ID:

Here is the procedure you must follow in order to submit assignments through email.

  • Step 1: In your email, mention all important points that you would normally include in an offline submission, like the assignment name and description, subject name and code, program and course code, contact information, etc.
  • In order to submit your assignments, we’re going to need five things from you:
  • PDF copy of the assignment for each subject
  • the email address of your regional center from Google in this format: (name).(region).(country)
  • list the details for the assignment in an email in this format:
  • You will then attach all PDF files of your assignments with this email.

Here Some More Point How to Submit IGNOU Assignment 2022-2023?

  • Make sure you submit your assignment on or before the deadline.
  • Keep a copy of your assignment for your own records.
  • If you have any doubts or queries while preparing your assignment, you can seek guidance from your program coordinator or the IGNOU Student Support Services.
  • If you are submitting a hard copy of your assignment, make sure you use good quality paper and follow the required format and guidelines.
  • After submitting your assignment, you can check the status of your submission by logging in to your student account and going to the “Assignment” tab. You will be able to see the date of submission, the status of your submission (e.g., accepted, rejected, or under evaluation), and any feedback or comments from your program coordinator.

I hope these additional points are helpful. If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

FAQ on How to Submit IGNOU Assignment 2022?

How often do I need to submit assignments for IGNOU courses?

Typically, you will need to submit assignments for each course you are enrolled in. The frequency and number of assignments may vary depending on the program and course. Some courses may have only one assignment, while others may have multiple assignments. You can check the details of the assignments for each course in the course material provided by IGNOU.

Can I get extension for submitting IGNOU assignments?

In some cases, you may be able to request an extension for submitting your IGNOU assignment. You can contact your program coordinator or the IGNOU Student Support Services to request an extension. Extension requests should be made well in advance of the assignment deadline and may be granted for valid reasons (e.g., illness, family emergency, etc.).

What happens if I fail to submit my IGNOU assignment on time?

If you fail to submit your IGNOU assignment on time, you may be marked as “absent” for the assignment and may not receive credit for it. Depending on the course and program, you may be allowed to submit the assignment at a later date, but this may attract a penalty. It is important to submit your assignments on time to avoid any negative impact on your grades.

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