IGNOU Exam Percentage Calculator [Official]

By using the IGNOU Exam Percentage Calculator 2022 (June & December), candidates can calculate their percentage. Based on the marks obtained in Theory Examinations and Assignments, the percentage is calculated.

IGNOU requires that you complete your program and earn a degree certificate.

Students who have finished all examinations and have received an online IGNOU Grade Card or Result can use the formula below. Instructions and guidelines will be provided to help you determine your exact score on the exam.

Final grades are calculated based on term-end examination scores. IGNOU uses this method for most of its courses. Each semester/year, IGNOU Assignments (30% weighted) must be submitted to the coordinator.

In June and December, IGNOU conducts Term End Examinations, which account for 70% of the final grade. The examinations are available to candidates once their assignments have been submitted.

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IGNOU Percentage Calculator: How to Calculate?

please Use This Method to Calculate their Marks

Obtained Marks A B
Subjects Assignments Theory 30% of Assignments 70% of Theory Total (A+B)
A 80 56 24 31.36 55.36
B 85 69 25.5 38.64 64.14
C 70 72 21 40.32 61.32
D 53 80 15.9 44.8 60.7
E 66 75 19.8 42 61.8
Total 303.32

IGNOU Grade  Calculator: How to Calculate?

Grade Percentage
A 80% and Above
B 60% to 79.9%
C 50% to 59.9%
D 40% to 49.9%
E Below 40%

You will be graded according to the percentage you receive in your exams.

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Both the assignment marks and the theory marks will be graded using a letter grading system. Here is how they will be graded:

Grade Remarks
A Excellent
B Very Good
C Good
D Satisfactory
E Unsatisfactory

A “D” grade on both assignments and the end-of-term test is required for IGNOU students to qualify. For you to be able to complete an IGNOU program successfully, your overall average must be at least a C.

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