IGNOU BCA Solved Assignment 2022 – 2023 All Semester

Are You IGNOU BCA Student and Wants To Download IGNOU BCA Solved Assignment 2022 -2023 Free ?

IGNOU BCA Solved Assignment 2022-2023: Are you looking for Free IGNOU ASSIGNMENTS Solutions BCA ? Therefore, this platform is the best to download BCA Solved Assignment 2021-22/ 2022-23 for free.

In this article, we will tell you some important things about Bachelor in Computer Application Solved Assignment January 2022/ June 2022-23 Free Download, and we will also provide you with all the solved assignments. For this course, we will provide all of the IGNOU solved assignments 2021-22/ 2022-23

IGNOU BCA 1ST Semester Solved Assignment 2022-2023 Download

Course CodeCourse Name Click Here To
FEG-02Foundation course in English -2Download
ECO-01 Business OrganizationDownload
BCS 011Computer Basics and PC SoftwareDownload
BCS 012MathematicsDownload
BCSL 013Computer Basics and PC Software LabDownload

IGNOU BCA 2nd Semester Solved Assignment 2022-2023 Download

Course CodeCourse Name Click Here To
ECO 02Accountancy-1Download
MCS 011Problem Solving and ProgrammingDownload
MCS 012Computer Organization and Assembly Language ProgrammingDownload
MCS 015Communication SkillsDownload
MCS 013Discrete MathematicsDownload
BCSL 021 C Language Programming Lab Download
BCSL 022Assembly Language Programming LabDownload

IGNOU BCA 3rd Semester Solved Assignment 2022-2023 Download

Course CodeCourse Name Click Here To
MCS 021Data and File StructuresDownload
MCS 023Introduction to Database Management SystemsDownload
MCS 014Systems Analysis and DesignDownload
BCS 031Programming in C++Download
BCSL 032C++ Programming LabDownload
BCSL 033Data and File Structures LabDownload
BCSL 034DBMS LabDownload

IGNOU BCA 4th Semester Solved Assignment 2022-2023 Download

Course CodeCourse Name Click Here To
BCS 040Statistical TechniquesDownload
MCS 024Object-Oriented Technologies and Java ProgrammingDownload
BCS 041Fundamentals of Computer NetworksDownload
BCS 042Introduction to Algorithm DesignDownload
MCSL 016Internet Concepts and Web DesignDownload
BCSL 043Java Programming LabDownload
BCSL 044Statistical Techniques LabDownload
BCSL 045Algorithm Design LabDownload

IGNOU BCA 5th Semester Solved Assignment 2022-2023 Download

BCS 051Introduction to Software EngineeringDownload
BCS 052Network Programming and AdministrationClick Here
BCS 053Web ProgrammingClick Here
BCS 054Computer Oriented Numerical TechniquesDownload
BCS 055Business CommunicationDownload
BCSL 056Network Programming and Administration LabDownload
BCSL 057Web Programming LabDownload
BCSL 058Computer Oriented Numerical Techniques LabDownload

IGNOU BCA 6th Semester Solved Assignments 2022-2023 Download

BCS 062E-CommerceDownload
MCS 022Operating System Concepts and Networking ManagementDownload
BCSL 063Operating System Concepts and Networking Management LabDownload
BCSP 064ProjectDownload

To get good marks in the exam, study Study Material carefully. IGNOU University has uploaded the assignments of the new session’s  BCA program.

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Important Point on BCA Solved Assignments 2022-2023

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  • The weight of the IGNOU assignment is 30% of the total marks, so pay attention to it.
  • Submit the assignment to the teacher of your learning center before the due date.
  • Viva voce is mandatory when submitting an assignment. If anyone student
    Assigns the assignment and does not give viva voice, its assignment
    Will not be successfully completed and will be marked as ZERO.


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