IGNOU Grade Card 2023 (Updated) – BAG,BCA,MCA Check | IGNOU Grade Card June 2023 (OUT)

IGNOU Grade Card 2023 – Here you can download the IGNOU 2023 Grade Card or IGNOU examination grade card for all courses. We have provided instructions below for candidates who attended their last session Term End Examination June 2023 to check or access their IGNOU Grade Card. The latest announcements and updates regarding the declaration of grade cards are posted here after the Term End Theory Exam has been completed.

IGNOU June Exam Grade Card 2023 (Updated) – BAG,BCA,MCA All IGNOU Program

IGNOU Grade Card 2023 Live Updates

If you took the examination of IGNOU in August 2023, you should check your grade card on a regular basis since the IGNOU has officially announced its grade card for session June 2023. IGNOU TEE June 2023, which was rescheduled to be conducted in August & September 2023, has now been completed and the university is updating the IGNOU grade card earlier than expected.

All news and announcements regarding the June 2023 TEE grade card will be communicated to our students by the university. Your updated grade card for June 2023 can be found in the same section if you had applied for Early Declaration.

IGNOU Grade Card Release Date 2023

From the 16th of August 2023, the IGNOU Grade Card for the session June 2023 will start to update. To stay on top of your grade card status, keep checking your grade card on a regular basis.

IGNOU Grade Card Download
Official Release of IGNOU Grade Card Dec 202128th March 2022
Date of IGNOU Final Grade Card Dec 2021Updated Everyday

From the given link, candidates can view or download their grade cards from June 2023 and previous sessions. All IGNOU students may access and download their IGNOU Grade Cards here. Check your score-card regularly to find out what’s new in your IGNOU grade card status. Discover your report card options and choose a suitable program.

How to Download IGNOU Grade Card 2023?

To get your Grade Card for any of the programs on your screen, you only need to follow a few simple steps. Click here to begin.

  • You should first click on our given grade card link (you will find three options).
  • Enter your 9 or 10 digit enrollment number now that you are at the online grade card section.
  • Choose your program from the drop-down list (e.g. BDP, BA, BAG).
  • Click on submit button and you are almost done
  • You can see the complete grade card on your screen
  • You can get a print of it for future reference

This procedure must be followed for candidates to see their Grade Card or Score Card on screen.  It’s that simple. On the screen you will see a grade card with your marks and grades for the selected program. When your grade card shows incompletes and some subjects aren’t listed, it’s just a matter of waiting. IGNOU is updating your grade card with complete subject information and will be updating it soon with all subject information and complete marks. Students may print their grade cards to keep for future reference.


List of IGNOU Grade Card 2023

In a grade card, you can get the marks of all your subjects, including theory and practical marks, assignments, and projects (if applicable), so you can see everything about your program in one place. By doing this, you will be able to check the results of your hard work and your writing skills.

IGNOU Result 2023 also contains the complete marks for all subjects. You will find marks for each subject of your selected program on the Result page. To check and download an IGNOU grade card, candidates must click on one of the links below.

Program ListDirect Link
IGNOU Grade Card for All BDP ProgramsDownload Here
IGNOU Grade Card for MPB/MCA/BCA/MPDownload Here
IGNOU Grade Card for All Other CoursesDownload Here

In the BDP Grade Card above, there are BA, B.Com, B.Sc, and Associates programs included in the Bachelor’s Degree. The grade card reports will include a summary of what each student has accomplished. At the convocation of IGNOU, students who have successfully completed a program have the opportunity to receive a diploma from the university upon receiving minimum passing marks.

Update – Results were last updated in January 2023 for TEE session June 2023, so candidates can now check their IGNOU grade card results for their pending subjects, including theory, practical, and assignments.

IGNOU Grade Card Status 2023

Looking at the IGNOU Grade Card Status for the first time may confuse you if you are a new student. Students can check their subject status and see if they have passed the subject or not. When a subject shows “Completed” then the assignment and theory exam were both passed. However, if it shows “Not Completed” then either the theory exam or assignment were failed.

CompletedFully Passed
Not completedPartially or Fully Failed


Things to Check with IGNOU Grade or Score Card

Notes from the  Term End Theory Exam, Practical, and Assignments. After each student’s marks for all three factors have been calculated, grades will be assigned to all subjects. A theory exam and assignment submission will determine the grade if there is no practical component. Marks and grades will determine the percentage. Candidate’s grade cards should be checked carefully and all subjects should have appropriate marks and grades shown online.

IGNOU Grade Card 2023 Weightage Breakup

The weighting of IGNOU term end assignments and IGNOU term end theory examinations in the IGNOU grade card is confusing to many students. To clarify for all students of IGNOU, they must have completed both components in every subject in order to receive a grade of “Completed”.

Compulsory ComponentsWeightage
IGNOU TEE Theory Papers70%
IGNOU TEE Assignments30%

IGNOU Grading System & Chart 2023

We have provided details and information regarding the IGNOU Grade Card that will allow you to determine what percentage, qualitative level, and grade points you earned during the particular session’s term-end examination of IGNOU.

Earned GradePointsPercentageQualitative level
A580% and AboveExcellent
B460% to 79.9%Very Good
C350% to 59.9%Good
D240 to 49.9%Satisfactory
E1Below 40%Unsatisfactory

IGNOU Grade Card Calculator 2023

After the declaration of the final year or semester results and grade cards by the university, candidates rush to the IGNOU percentage calculator to determine their exact percentage. In order to apply for a further degree or get a good job, you must calculate the grade card and the percentage. The IGNOU uses its own method for calculating grades, and all candidates must use the same method for calculating their grades and percentages.

Clarification for Incomplete Grade Card

The IGNOU will be updating the grade cards of students who receive incomplete grade cards within the next update. Consequently, candidates should keep in touch with future updates to find out the grades of the remaining subjects.

What are the benefits of IGNOU Grade Card?

After completing the current program at IGNOU, grade cards will help students to determine their performance in each TEE Examination so that they can make the right choice for their future studies. Those who need their grade cards urgently can pick them up from the IGNOU Head Office. We will send it to you by post within an appropriate time period after the grade card is updated online if you don’t want it urgently.

IGNOU duplicate grade cards: how to obtain them?

Following the simple and short procedure, students can obtain the duplicate grade card from IGNOU if they have lost or misplaced the original grade card.

Download the application form for obtaining a duplicate IGNOU grade card and fill in all the details such as personal, academic, exam and band details without making any mistakes. Send the application to the below address after verifying all the details.

Fees for IGNOU Duplicate Grade Card

Rs 200Indian Students
Rs 400SAARC Countries Students
$10Non-SAARC Students

The Application must be sent to the below address:

The Registrar

(Student Evaluation Division)

Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU)

Block 12, Maidan Garhi,

New Delhi – 110 068

Feel free to leave a comment here if you have any questions regarding the IGNOU Grade Card for the session December 2020 and June 2023. Our team is happy to walk you through the steps and instructions needed to update your grade card so that you can continue studying uninterrupted.

FAQs – IGNOU Grade Card 2023

Why do IGNOU students need grade cards?

It is a performance report showing a score for all the work you have completed including theory exams, assignments, practical’s, and projects.

Is IGNOU planning to update the grade card in the future?

As for pending subjects, IGNOU will update the grade card regularly.

Is it necessary to request a hard copy of my grade card?

I don’t. There is no need to apply for a grade card. It will be sent to you by mail.

How Do I Deal with an Incomplete Grade Card?

You will have to wait for the next grade card update.

Is the mark or grade printed on the grade card final?

Yes. Other than the revaluation you requested, nothing will change.

How often is the IGNOU grade card updated?

After appearing in the exam, it is updated annually or semester-by-semester.

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