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Sports Management System:

Sport is one of the activities that most of the students like to participate whether it is at the school, state or district level. Different students will be having an interest in different sports. But sometimes the students may not be able to participate in such games since their names will not be in the participants’ list.

This will happen only if the names are taken through the pen-paper method. To solve these problems, the sports management system can play a very good role. The students will be able to register their names in different sports of their choice at the college level or state level through this application.

The admin will generate the username and password for the students who will register through this application. The first step will be the student registration.

The employee will enter the student details like name, sports they wish to participate, etc. All this information will be stored in the database. Next step is the entry into the tournaments. Based on the sport selected by the student the tournament date and venue will be selected.

According to the sport selected the list of students and the tournaments will be shown through this application. The modules that can be included in this application are as follows:

  • Login registration: The admin provides the username and password to the employees.
  • Student registration: The employee will enter the student details like name, sports they wish to participate etc through this module.
  • Tournament: Based on the sport selected, tournament date and venue will be selected.
  • Games: A list of players and the upcoming tournaments will be displayed in this module.
  • Selection procedure: The sports will be conducted at the college level. For the state level, the best sportsperson at the college level will be selected.
  • Logout: This module will allow the user to logout of the application.

Programming Language:

  • Front End : VB.NET
  • Back End : SQL Server

Download Source code:




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