IGNOU BSCANH Previous Year Question Paper Download

Download IGNOU BSCANH Previous Year Question Paper  | BSCANH Important  Questions || IGNOU BSCANH Previous Year Question Paper| IGNOU (Indira Gandhi National Open University) announces the term-end exam date sheet before the IGNOU exam.

Students appearing in the IGNOU Term and Examination should complete their complete syllabus and start their exam practices as well. It is important to work on the previous year questions in IGNOU. This increases the likelihood of students getting goods marks in the paper.

List Of IGNOU BSCANH Previous Year Question Paper

BANC 101 Introduction to Biological Anthropology Click Here
BANC 102 Introduction to Social and Cultural Anthropology Click Here
BANC 103 Archaeological Anthropology Click Here
BANC 104 Fundamentals of Human Origin & Evolution Click Here
BANC 105 Tribes and Peasants in India Click Here
BANC 106 Human Ecology: Biological & Cultural dimensions Click Here
BANC 107 Biological Diversity in Human Populations Click Here
BANC 108 Theories of Culture and Society Click Here
BANC 109 Human Growth and Development Click Here
BANC 110 Research Methods Click Here
BANC 111 Human Population Genetics Click Here
BANC 112 Anthropology in Practice Click Here
BANC 113 Forensic Anthropology Click Here
BANC 114 Anthropology of India Click Here
  Discipline Specific Elective (DSEs)  
BANE 141 Physiological Anthropology Click Here
BANE 143 Tribal Cultures of India Click Here
BANE 144 Visual Anthropology Click Here
BANE 145 Urban Anthropology Click Here
BANE 154 Dissertation Click Here
BSOE 144 Reading Ethnographies Click Here

Generic Electives (GEs)

BPAG 171 Disaster Management Click Here
BGDG 172 Gender Sensitization: Society and Culture Click Here
BPCG 173 Psychology for Health and Well Being Click Here
BPAG 174 Sustainable Development Click Here
  Skill Enhancement Courses  
BPCS 185 Developing Emotional Competence Click Here
BECS 184 Data Analysis Click Here


Benefits of Solving IGNOU BSCANH Previous Year Question Paper

The benefits of studying IGNOU previous year question papers are given below:

  • Previous year question papers, what type of questions you can ask in the exam,
  • which type of questions can come, then you can prepare for that.
  • The best way is to solve the questionnaire, you can download the old question paper of IGNOU and solve it.
  • You will be easily aware of the marking scheme and section wise of the questionnaire of IGNOU.
  • By practicing the previous year question papers of IGNOU, students can increase their capacity.
  • Working on the previous year’s questionnaire can help improve query solving abilities and how long to question which questions to do.

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FAQ on IGNOU BSCANH Question Paper

Is IGNOU BSCANH exam tough?

No, It is Medium , if your Writting Skill is Great therefor EXAM is Easy for You

Is BSCANH ( Bachelor of Science Honours in Anthropology) tough from IGNOU ?

 Nothing is difficult in this world, if you are prepare for Exam it is very Easy .

What Is BSCANH Code of IGNOU ?

it is Bachelor of Science Honours in Anthropology