IGNOU BPSC 101 Solved Assignment

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This is a Core Course for students who have opted program BAPSH  under IGNOU BPSC 101 Understanding Political Theory 2020 – 2021 With CBCS Pattern.

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Programme Bachelor of Arts (HONOURS) HISTORY
Course Code BPSC 101
Course Name Understanding Political Theory
Language English & Hindi

Download IGNOU BPSC 101 Assignment 2020-2021

Course code: BPSC-101
Assignment Code: BPSC-101/ASST/TMA/2020-21
Marks: 100

Answer the following in about 500 words each.

1. Examine politics as a vocation. 20
2. Write a note on revival of political theory. 20

Answer the following questions in about 250 words each.

3. What is Liberal Theory? 10
4. What is Dialectical Materialism? Explain. 10
5. Discuss Johan Rawls’ theory of Justice




Important Note For Writing The BPSC 101 Assignment.

  • Write all the assignments with your own hand.

  • Do not write to anyone else in a quick affair. This assignment can also be cancelled.

  • The weight of IGNOU assignment is: 30% in total marks, so take this carefully.

  • Submit the assignment to the teacher of your learning center before due date.


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What is Last Date of IGNOU BPSC 101 Assignment Submission ?

  • For July Session Admission  : 15th April Session
  • For Jan Session Admission   : 15th October Session

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