IGNOU BCA/MCA Synopsis Project Viva Voice Important Question 2019-2020

IGNOU BCA/MCA Synopsis Project Viva Voice Important Question 2019-2020



BCA/MCA Synopsis Project 2019-2020 Important Question


1.Introduction Of your Project

2.Objectives of the Project & Implementation

3.ER Diagram

4.Data Flow Diagram (DFD)

5.Database Design

6.Number of modules and their description

7.Test Case

8.Tools / Platform, Hardware and Software Requirement specifications

9.Feature of java

10.Feature of opps in java

11. My SQL and Its Query

12.Advantages of your project?

13. How and where you implement your project?

14. Explain the data flow of your application?

15. What are the entities in your project?

16. How you test your application?


this is rare Question but You are Prepare For these Question

Q1.      What is Validation? Have you implemented the validations?

Q2.      What kind of database Connectivity you have used?

Q3.      What is ADO or JDBC?

Q4.      What are the limitations of your project?

Q5.      What is the future scope of your project?

Q6.      What is software testing?

Q7.      What are different types of pf software Testing explain?

Q8.      Explain the necessity of testing a project.


IGNOU BCA/MCA Synopsis Project Viva Voice Important Question

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